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Our Mission

Affordable tutoring

For many, good tutoring is difficult to afford. That’s why we strive to make it much cheaper. Instead of expensive tutors, we use sophisticated didactic concepts and smart recommender systems that support learning progress. This way we can reduce the price of tutoring from 20-50 euros per hour to about 20 euros per month, or even lower.

Social Business

We are officially certified as “Verified Social Enterprise” with the sole purpose of solving one of the most important social problems of the future, equal opportunities for good education. Therefore, we (as well as our investors) refrain from speculative profits, pay good salaries and invest our profits in the company to expand our services through sustainable growth.

Anxiety subject mathematics

Konomondo aims to overcome the fear of mathematics in a playful way. We take a holistic approach to learning and teach not only mathematical skills but also numerous tips and tricks on general topics such as concentration, effective practice, exam stress, and many more.

An adventure for everyone

Learning is also an adventure for ourselves. We see every mistake as an opportunity to learn something and live this culture of mistakes in our company as well. That’s why we try to foster an open dialogue and a healthy feedback culture among all employees.

Great ambition

In the future, we want to teach in a multiplayer mode not only across classes, but also across subjects. We know that’s still a long way, but it’s the right one.

Meet The Team

Michael Fuchs - Pixelart
Michael Fuchs
CEO, Didactics
Gerhard Dorn, Pixelart
Gerhard Dorn
CTO, Mathemagician
Annika Schnell Pixelart
Annika Schnell
Game Design, Art
Gihan El Moazen Pixelart
Gihan El Moazen
Main Art, Animation
Paul Preiner, Pixelart
Paul Preiner
Game Engineering
Nick Baumann
Unity Developer
Christoph Mayerhofer
Game Developement

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