"Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as hard duty."

Albert Einstein, "Ideas and Opinions" (1954)

Konomondo - A Math Roll Playing Game


With state-of-the-art learning goal analysis, you can keep track of your progress and always know exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie.


A sophisticated reward system, developed with experts, increases the motivation for regular practice.


We target an affordable price of about 20€ per month, compared to 20-50€ per hour for conventional tutoring.


Interactive animations make even difficult learning content touchable and understandable in the shortest possible time.



Story-based learning activates emotional memory and is thus the basis for long-term recall of learning content.




The digital tutor takes into account the student’s learning objectives and suggests the next tasks automatically and individually.

Didactic Concept

Emotional Learning

The emotional experience during the learning process contributes significantly to the growth of knowledge. Konomondo's story-based learning evokes a variety of emotions that help the learner to remember the new material over the long term.

Knowledge Space

A knowledge space is a combinatorial structure used to formulate mathematical models that describe the development of a human learner. In Konomondo, this technique is used to build an intelligent recommender system that feeds learners with exactly the content they need according to their prior knowledge.

What our students say

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"I could not have been helped any better."

Liv, student
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"I want my daily exercises again!’’

Emily, student
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"I enjoy math since I understand it."

Julia, student
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"She has already integrated her skills into everyday life and is very proud of her mathematical ability."

Bettina, Julia's mom

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